Insurance Related Diminished Value

Insurance Related Diminished Value can be described as loss in market value, because of remaining flaws, damage, and defects that the insurance company neglected to address.


The main cause of this loss happens when an appraiser of a Direct Repair body shop agrees to repair the car, according to the guidelines of the insurance company, so the body shop will get referrals of the insurance company. The repair guidelines of the insurance companies are often in conflict with the repair guidelines of the vehicle maker. This could lead to loss in value (and safety) of the car.
Examples of this are:


РOverlooked safety issues (which  could lead to serious injuries or death in case of another accident)
– The use of inferior parts for the car repair
– Overlooked kinetic damage on your car
– Overlooked mechanical damage
– Mismatched paint finishing
– Not applied rust proofing
– Not applied sound proofing
– Not applied sealers