Here are just a few successful case! See for yourself what Collision Consulting can do for you!

Christine had a BMW 428xi that was in a prior accident in 2017 and was supposedly repaired right. When a deer hit her car and she needed new repairs, she discovered that the first body shop had not only made improper repairs, but they had left the inner structure of her car damaged. The insurance company only offered her $2,900

After working with Collision Consulting and using our report and a little negotiation with the insurance company, she was able to get the full value of her vehicle from the prior accident, rental costs, and the amount of the fees owed to the second body shop.

Tiah T. had a 2001 PT Cruiser. Shortly after dropping her 2 young daughters off at daycare, she was rear-ended by a tractor trailer, causing so much damage that her car was deemed total loss by the insurance company.

The insurer offered Tiah $4,000.- and being a single mother of two, she needed the money to buy another car.

Collision Consulting worked with Tiah, and we assessed a value of $5,088,- That is $,1088.- more than the insurance company was offering her. We are happy that we were able to get Tiah the settlement she deserved, so she could buy a new car to drive herself, and her daughters around.

Savannah came to Collision Consulting of Washington. Our experts appraised her car, and assessed the diminished value at $901. She went to court, without attorney, to fight the insurance company who didn’t want to pay any diminished value. Savannah was awarded $500.- by the court.

Gary H. says about Collision Consulting:

“Collision Consulting was a great help to me! I recommend them highly!”

Gherardo H. was successfully able to get about 75% of the assessed diminished value on his car, because of the appraisal, and the diminished value report our experts prepared for him.