Post-Repair Inspections

One of the services we offer is the Post-Repair Inspection. These inspections ensure that all repairs to your vehicle that needed to be done, were actually done, and were done properly.

Not all consumers know a lot about body repair, and judge the quality of the repair on the appearance of the car, and on how the car feels when they are back on the road. For Collision Consulting those things matter too, but with our over 23 years of experience, we can look further into details about how your car is repaired.

Many modern vehicles have a unionized body, and frame construction, also called the unibody. This unibody has frame rails that protect the occupants of a car in case of a collision. The unibody frame rails also play a vital role in the deployment of the airbags. For these two reasons, it is from the utmost importance that these frame rails are properly repaired, if they were damaged. A weakened unibody frame rail can result in the delayed deployment of airbags, or can even cause the airbags not to deploy at all.

In the video below, you can see what happens if an airbag deploys a split second too late.


Can you image what would happen if the water melon would be replaced with a human head. Possibly yours, or your loved ones’.

Another important issue that we unfortunately come across too often, is that the welding of structural parts hasn’t been done properly, or sometimes not at all. We have come across cars on which integral parts as bumper reinforcing beams, hinge pillars, door panels, and quarter panels have been “glued” on with a bonding adhesive. If one of these parts would come lose in an accident, they could cause serious injuries.

You don’t want to worry about your life, every time you step into your car. And you shouldn’t have to. We can thoroughly inspect your car, so you are aware of incomplete or bad repairs. This includes a check on the unibody frame rails, but also on properly performed welding, and many other points.