Pre-Purchase Inspections

You have been looking around for weeks at all used car dealerships in town, and now you finally found the car. But how do you know in what condition the car is? The car might look great from the outside, but there could be damage hiding. If you want to be sure the car is in the condition you think you are buying it in, a Pre-Purchase inspection is something for you.



Collision Consulting of Washington has seen all types of vehicles come by. Some in the exact described condition by the selling party, other times the car has been in a collision and hasn’t been repaired properly. While most repaired automobiles may look nice, and shiny on the outside, it’s what’s beneath the outer beauty that can cause serious trouble down the road. Poor or incomplete structural repairs could severely impair your, or your passengers safety in case of an accident. If the car you have an eye on has had a poor quality of refinishing, it won’t look as good as it could.

Some facts why you might want a Pre-Purchase Inspection:

– Every year around 400,000 totaled vehicles return to the road (Consumer Reports)
– 1 out of 15 cars on the road have been repaired/rebuilt from a salvage title (ABC News)
– Over 40% of the repairs after vehicle accident damage are substandard (Farmers Insurance)
– 25% of all cars on the road have an altered milage (CBS News: 60 Minutes)
– 90% of used vehicles aren’t up-to-date with their maintenance

To make sure you really pay the price the car you fell in love with is worth it, we can perform an independent, expert inspection of the car before you buy. Contact us today to set up an appointment.